Magical Meal #299 - Live-Action Jungle Book - Inspired

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I’m super happy and proud of this NEW Magical Menu inspired by the Live-Action Jungle Book ❤️

A little backstory…My daughter was in Kindergarten & the moms got together after school at the park. It was a very hard time for me personally, but those mom friends helped out more than they probably even realize now. 😘

One of the mom friends, came from India, & we talked at length about our lives. She told me about India. 🥰 I still treasure those talks with that mom group.

So when I decided I wanted to do the Live-Action Jungle Book, knowing that the story takes place in a forest in India - I knew I wanted to try and provide a more realistic menu for the setting - and I knew who to reach out to for advice. She graciously shared with me ideas and foods. So thank you Nazneen ❤️ Also I had to choose 2 treats because they both looked too good not to try! 😉


✨Curry (I used @tastybite Indian Coconut Squash Dal -easy heat up and delicious!!)

✨Rice (coconut rice - and wow the flavor combination I am still craving, and the kids loved it too! Win 🙌)

✨Naan (I got a great sized bag @costco from @stonefirenaan )

✨Hummus (Love @sabra !)

✨Carrots (we used #babycarrots )


✨Tropical Fruit (We used @dolepics since it’s a little out of season for us - it has papaya and pineapple)


➡️Drink: ✨Lemonade


✨Kheer (India’s version of a rice pudding- it was good, & I’ll attach the recipe I used on the blog)

✨Carrot Halwa (Will put the recipe on the blog. FRIENDS-OH-MY-GOODNESS it was SO good!! I used dairy free -coconut evaporated milk instead, and WOW! 😋)

I’m so grateful that I have friends that share their lives with me, and have experiences with amazing different recipes so I can share them with my family and expand their worlds too.

Thank you again friends! ❤️

✨What is a favorite food you’ve eaten/tried from a different region of your world?

          How Our Meal Came Together

               How Our Treat(s) Came Together

                                                      Here is the recipe for Kheer I used! 

Here is the recipe for Carrot Halwa! This was my favorite. I substituted regular evaporated milk for the dairy free coconut. (See my Reels for more!) SO GOOD!

What are your favorite parts of the Live-Action Jungle Book?  If you did this meal, we would love to see it in the comments and on our Instagram @TheHappiestMemoriesOnEarth! Did you know we also have an Etsy? Come Check it out Here! Hopefully this post has helped to inspire you to have a Magical Meal!


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